Thanks for coming to Roohatori.com! I appreciate you checking out my site and feel free to leave any comments and share any of the pages. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the Roo Hattori brand.

I’m Roo Hattori or known in my hometown as Randall or JP, whichever works. Speaking of hometown, I come from Flint, Michigan. Born and raised. That’s where I first discovered art. As far as this lifetime goes, I’ve been drawing since I can remember… not to mention other things such as martial arts, stealth, and wolves.

And now let’s fast forward to college. I attended College for Creative Studies and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts and studied with some pretty great professors like Dave Chow, Don Kilpatrick, Arvell Jones, and many more. Not to mention I had the pleasure of befriending and having classes with super saiyan artists like Sean Mack, Brandi Keeler, and Alonzo Edwards.

Also in college, is when Marcus Owens and I started up a carefree lifestyle brand, Identical Variant. We made clothes, hosted the Art of Hip Hop (AOHH), and had some pretty dope parties. Not mention our cooler than cool staff. Great times. IV is not necessarily over yet, but we did have to take a hiatus to learn and grow so that we could be better leaders for ourselves and others in any future endeavors.

So here I am now, creating a solo project in the meantime, which is basically, a portfolio of all my more recent works and commissions. As I stated above, I’ve had a lifelong passion for the arts (including martial), ninjas, and wolves. So you’re guaranteed to see plenty of those here. Therefore, the Roo Hattori brand is all me [I do my own stunts] and the things I personally create and love.

Oh and The Free Wolves, but that’ll explain itself in time.


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